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PwC Junior Circuit Tournament - Round 4

27th - 29th May- 2016 at the The Courts, Ritz Carlton
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Hello and welcome to the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands (TFCI) website.

The TFCI is affiliated with the International Tennis Federation, the world governing body of tennis, and its task is to promote tennis in the Cayman Islands. While it works with pros all over the islands, principally those at the Cayman Islands Tennis Academy, The Cayman Islands Tennis Club and Ritz, and with whom its interests are closely aligned, it is an independent, non-profit entity staffed by volunteers.

We currently do the following:

  • Run the Cayman Islands PwC junior tennis circuit – a series of tournaments every year, for players aged 18&U (see Programmes for more details).
  • Organise tennis coaching at government primary schools on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac (see Programmes for more details).
  • Run regular non-competitive tennis fests for players aged 10&U and 8&U (see Programmes for more details).
  • We own a mini tennis centre, known as the Paul Howard courts, in West Bay (see Programmes). There is coaching for 10&U players, as well as free court use for all youngsters.
  • Work with the International Tennis Federation, which ultimately oversees our operations and advises accordingly.
  • Help and support juniors who compete abroad.
  • Liaise with all tennis clubs and pros to try to improve co-operation and communication among the tennis community.
  • Persuade local companies to sponsor our programmes, and support those companies via media coverage of our activities.

Current ambitions include:

  • default_titleGetting more children from CI government schools to transition from coaching at their schools into mainstream tennis coaching and training at a local club.
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  • default_titleBetter transparency and better communication with the public and tennis players about what we do and why. One means of achieving that is this website, which was created by TFCI board member Simon Gunn, and came on line in November 2014.
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